About Us

The Tetla Tsetsuwatil is a traditional aboriginal organization based on an Indian Reserve.

Tetla Gift Certificates are issued by an organization called the Tetla Tsetsuwatil.
In the S'amuna' Nation, which is one of the Cowichan tribes, there are many ancient traditions which continue to this day. One of our traditional ways is the concept of "tsetsuwatil" or "working together". This is the traditional way of doing economic activity which is mutually beneficial for everyone involved.
Meaghan Walker
The Tetla Tsetsuwatil was begun on December 4, 2011 by Meaghan Walker, also known as Meaghan Champion, a member of the S'amuna' Nation. (Also spelled "Somena".) It was formed in the territory of the S'amuna' Nation on the Cowichan Indian Reserve on Thi Skwthe' (Vancouver Island.)

Several Members of the S'amuna' Nation and other friends and relatives from other Cowichan tribes have volunteered to be on the advisory council of the Tetla Tsetsuwatil