How Do Tetlas Work?

Tetla gift certificates are gift certificates. You can redeem them for products and services instead of paying with money.

They work a lot like money. You can earn them. You can spend them. They are similar to Canadian Tire Money which looks like a kind of money, but of course, is a type of coupon issued by Canadian Tire stores. Unlike real money, you can only spend Canadian Tire Money at Canadian Tire stores or a few others that accept them. Tetlas also can't be spent everywhere, only where they are accepted.

For a list of businesses allowing payment with tetla gift certificates instead of money, look in the section of this website entitled "Where Can I Spend Tetlas?" Businesses can start or stop allowing payment with tetla gift certificates at any time so there is no way to keep this list completely accurate. If you are aware of any businesses that should be added or deleted from the list, please let us know.
If you want to know how you can get tetlas in the first place, look in the section entitled "How Can I Get Tetlas?"
The tetla gift certificates and the Tetla Tsetsuwatil are not affiliated with Canadian Tire stores. There's just a similarity in how they work.